The German term „Plastik“ refers to two things: first, obviously, the material. Second it is a German term for sculptural work.

It seems as if humanity is transforming this planet, from a natural into an artificially plastic one. The news of completely littered oceans, and the idea to collect that garbage into one big plastic carpet inspired this work. On its core there is this idea, that humanity will eventually succeed in plastering everything, somehow even changing the genome – in the end it will all be made of polymeres. When I sat on a littered beach in the Indian ocean that notion especially struck me. So I began to make art of found Kunststoff (again, a german word that very much links to art) You can plasticize everything, simply by painting it gold – and through the chosen color give it a divine quality at the same time. I then applied these pseudo plastic-objects on other trash, and on dead organic matter. Plastic, somehow, seems to triumph over organics. The sculptural quality of flying plastic bags was the second idea that came into play: piles of rubbish that somehow constitute a man made mountain. In the end, however, the series has a positive outlook – nature is the driving force on this planet, and it will eventually overcome human intervention.